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Paint by Erik Solorio | Microcars & EVs
Custom paint for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Featuring restoration, repair, graphics, gold leaf, pinstripe, airbrush, true fire, flames and more.
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Microcars & EVs

Over the years there’s been some really interesting vehicles on the road… especially in California. Most of these were done through our involvement with Corbin who developed the original Sparrow EV back in the 1990’s.


Along with the Sparrow, Corbin developed the Merlin Roadster that ran with a Harley-Davidson powerplant up front. Also in development was a coupe version of the Merlin that never made it to a running proto-type. A couple of years later, Corbin developed a small three wheel vehicle based loosely on the Sparrow, but ran on a 3 cylinder high efficiency engine. That one was called the Raven.


Lastly, there’s a few pics of a micro Van-Truck called the Kompi. This was an all electric utility vehicle being developed for sale in China and Europe. As you can see, the developers of the Kombi were big fans of the original VW Microbus.


October 2, 2016


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