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Paint by Erik Solorio | Frequently Asked Questions
Custom paint for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Featuring restoration, repair, graphics, gold leaf, pinstripe, airbrush, true fire, flames and more.
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Freakwently Axed Questions


Quite frankly, we’re pretty sure nobody reads FAQ pages anymore… they’re kind of a 90’s thing really. That being the case, this page is actually kind of Retro which means it’s cool again, right? Just so long as that doesn’t make us hipsters.


What’s your return policy?

Bwaaa-ha-ha!   Oh sorry, we thought you were kidding. Much like the proverbial can of worms, once released, the paint won’t go back in the can. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t stand behind our work… of course we do! If something comes up, we’ll take care of it for you.

PBE Warranty?

See now, this is an entirely different question. We warrant our work again failure caused by misapplication or improper surface prep. It probably goes without saying we do not accept responsibility for scratches, rock chips and other damage caused by external forces. Your paint job will be pristine when it leaves our shop and the rest is up to you while at the mercy of the world.

Can we ship you parts for paint work?

For sure, you can ship us items you need painted. You’ll have to be very specific in color choices and such or at least be ready to leave it up for a little artistic interpretation. We can consult via the phone and send pics via email or text as needed.

What does a custom paint job cost?

That’s a pretty involved question and every job is different depending on material choices, the amount of surface prep needed and labor involved in pulling off your dream creation. To get a very general idea of cost, have a look at this quickie Motorcycle Paint Price Guide.

We highly encourage you to Drop us a Note with some of the particulars and we’ll return with some accurate information.

Do you offer collision repair & Insurance work?

Yes, we can do that. If it’s a real big job, we may end up referring you to a nearby specialist in that type of work, but let’s have a look at it. Paint repair, bodywork, color matching and panel replacement is all within our skill set.

Do you build Custom Bikes / Hotrods?

We can be a huge help in building the car of your dreams or restoring that classic bike or muscle car. There is a large pool of very talented automotive folks around Central California and we’re familiar (and friendly) with a lot of them. So while we’re in the process of perfecting the visuals, we can help you coordinate your engine build, suspension work, glass & seals or whatever else your build needs. We can even make some custom bits in house.

What paint do you use?

Around here we’re big fans of the PPG water borne paints for our base colors and Candys. This stuff is environmentally friendly, fast to work with, durable and provides a beautiful, bright finish for years to come. Don’t confuse this with the water based paints of the 90’s, it’s an entirely different animal!

We are also happy to use material from House of Kolor if you feel you’ve found that special color in their lineup.

Why is there a “D” in the word “Fridge”?

This is something we’ve found particularly troubling ourselves. There is no “D” in “refrigerator” so where do people get off just adding random letters to the shortened version?  This madness must stop.  Vote Farley 2016!

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen Swallow?

What do you mean? An African or European swallow?