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Paint by Erik Solorio | Southwest Cow Skull
A piece of yard art built from some found bovine bones.
pinstripe, cow skull, matte black
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  • Southwestern style cow skull
  • Cow skull with southwest striping
  • Cow skull with southwest striping

Beef Brains

So as the Halloween decorations were going up a couple of years ago, a friend decides to add their bit to our display via a cow skull complete with little bits of jerky still attached… not to mention the little bits of “dry something” rattling around inside. A truly horrific addition.


A month later it was still lingering and didn’t blend all so well with the obligatory Christmas decorations. So we drew straws and loser got to clean and sanitize the beefy bone. This was a good time to glue some of the looser teeth back in too… one of the odder Paint Preps we’ve preformed to say the least.


With a clean, albeit porous, surface the skull was given some primer and a few coats of matte black. We let this one cure for a little bit (because Erik didn’t want to touch it), then treated it to a nice Southwestern Style pinstripe. Looks great in the garden now especially with these dry California summers!


Side note, we never did confirm what exactly the little rattly bits were inside though logic implies a certain greyish matter.