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Paint by Erik Solorio | Paint by Erik Shop Crew
Auto and Motorcycle custom paint in Hollister, California.
auto paint, pinstriping, hollister, california
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Our Intrepid Staff:

Erik Solorio

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

The slinger of paint, sprayer of sprays, striper of stripes and uh… well, you get the idea. Probably not too much a stretch of logic to conclude that “Paint by Erik” has an eponymous relationship with this guy. A true artist that always gives a project that one little extra touch to put it over the top.

Lou Solorio

Minister of War & Finance

“Don’t worry Son, I’ll come in during the day and help you out a bit while you’re getting started… Don’t want to get bored in my retirement!”  We wonder if he ever regrets saying that? Lou’s a great guy and has a long history of some really amazing cars. When you stop by ask him how he’s doing on the Datsun pickup!

Fredy Amezcua

Arch Nemesis

“Not afraid to tackle any project” is a phase you can say about a lot of people. The trick is finding someone that should be trusted with any project. Fredy pulls off some amazing Fiberglass work and fabricates custom bits from thin air it seems. The only issue is keeping him focused on … * Squirrel! *


Resident Youngster & Lacky

When the job calls for the non-analog, we call on this guy.  Jacques does the digitizing and runs our vinyl cutter when we need a complex spray mask like that Indian War Bonnet. We also make him do all paint work that requires a latex paint. Hahaha… sorry kid! He’s also going to make us some cool tee shirts, we just haven’t told him yet.

Jimmy Shine
Jimmy Shine

‘Tater Sack Eliminator

Jimmy Shine… the Shinemeister… Mr Shinembaum! Fairly new to the trade, Jimmy has a remarkable eye for detail and a strong appreciation of nice rides. If you need someone to find an imperfection (why would you?), this is your guy. Jimmy will probably only be around until his wife sees this pic we posted of him. Haha!

Harry Tapley

Next Door Neighbor

Harry’s that neighbor you really like, but makes you feel a little unsettled. Nah, not really… he also doesn’t work here, but we’re listing him on this page cause he’s so badass. A tremendously talented fellow operating under the moniker “Harry’s Auto Signs“. Invented the most incredible faux wood finish. Shout out to Harry!


Chuck / Editor

Also doesn’t work here regularly, but built this website and is writing this drivel so gets to put a reference to himself wherever he damn well pleases.  Comes in occasionally to pontificate about what he would do if he were running the place… and of course to line himself up with some gratis paint work. Except we already know his tricks!