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Paint by Erik Solorio | Gold & Silver Leaf
Custom paint for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Featuring restoration, repair, graphics, gold leaf, pinstripe, airbrush, true fire, flames and more.
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  • Varigated Gold Leaf

Gold & Silver Leaf

Gold leaf in its many varieties can be quite tricky, but when done properly, there is no substitute for how it looks. Yeah, they make vinyls and such that are supposed to look like leaf, but… well, they don’t.


There are a lot of ways to use leaf in your project. You can make full graphics with it, use it as part of a smaller stripe or even let it shine through layers of candy paint. It is almost always combined with a thin pinstripe.


Gold leaf can be left alone or given a spun finish so it appears machined. It is also available in Silver, Variegated and other tones.


October 2, 2016